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We have clear reporting for incoming and outgoing funds across your multi-currency account

We have clear reporting for incoming and outgoing funds across your multi-currency account

Open an account and start making faster payments in hundreds of currencies

At OA Capital, you can benefit from Competitive Rates and Fee-Free Transfers on Amounts
over £3k and take advantage of excellent exchange rates and enjoy fee-free transfers for
amounts exceeding £3,000.

In engaging our services on International Payments, you are assured of the following:

  • Efficient, Seamless, and Secure Cross-Border Payments

    Experience fast, hassle-free, and highly secure cross-border payments that simplify your international transactions.

  • Pay in 100 Currencies for Competitive Buying Power and Efficient Fund Repatriation

    Effortlessly pay invoices in a wide range of 100 currencies, enabling you to secure more competitive prices. Additionally, easily repatriate funds as needed.

  • Real-Time Fraud Monitoring and Enhanced Security Measures

    Stay protected with real-time fraud monitoring, which includes blocking capabilities and instant alerts to ensure the safety of your transactions. Your money is securely held and kept completely segregated.

  • Partnered with FCA-Licensed Liquidity Provider and SWIFT Member

    Our payments are processed through a liquidity provider approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and connected to our banking network, which is a member of SWIFT. This ensures the highest level of liquidity and regulatory compliance.

  • SWIFT Transfers with Full FCA Protection

    Seamlessly send SWIFT transfers from any of your banking accounts to any other banking account worldwide, benefiting from the comprehensive protection offered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Payment Services Regulations.

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